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You don't have to give up delicious foods like pizza if you have food sensitivities! I recently made this paleo, (Cappelo's almond flour crust), vegan mozzarella cheese, and low FODMAP, (Fody's Arrabiata pasta sauce), grass fed/finished beef, oregano and fresh basil. Approximately $15. Delicious!

For 2 servings, (2 crusts):

Cappelo's paleo almond flour crusts are available at Whole Foods in the freezer section. Follow instructions on package to heat oven to 425 degrees with pizza pan in the oven during preheating. Chop vegetable and/or spices, (oregano, basil, mushrooms, peppers, olives, zucchini, summer squash, spinach, etc...).

Saute one half pound grass fed and finished ground beef in a large pan on medium heat, breaking up into small pieces. You can use any ground meat or Italian sausage. If using beef, make sure package says "grass finished" or "100% grass fed. If not, it is grain and/or corn finished. Add fresh or dried oregano and basil and vegetables that require cooking halfway through. When meat and vegetables are almost completely cooked, add one half jar tomato sauce, (Fody's Arrabiata is low FODMAP and spicy!), and continue cooking for a few minutes. Turn off heat.

When oven is done preheating, remove empty pizza pan and place crust on it. Top with meat/vegetable/sauce mixture, more fresh herbs and vegan cheese. I use Myoko's vegan mozzarella or Kite Hill's ricotta, as they are better tolerated than some of the other vegan cheeses, (Daiya and other brands are made with high FODMAP ingredients like pea protein).

Bake 11-15 minutes. Remove from oven, allow to cool just a few minutes and enjoy!