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*"There once was a gal named Holly                                                                            Who thought it was not at all folly                                                                              To stick people with pins                                                                                                  To turn frowns into grins                                                                                                  And everyone walks away jolly!"                                                                                  -Chris A.

*"I highly recommend Holly! I have worked in health care myself for two decades, and I'm picky about my practitioners. I've seen many acupuncturists, for a variety of acute and chronic health issues, over the past twenty years. Holly is among the very best. I have been seeing her over the past year. She is experienced, compassionate, a great listener, warm and down-to-earth personality, skilled and gentle needle technique. I am very sensitive to needles, and I do great with her gentle technique. I've had great results with her treatments. In the short term, I feel better immediately and have less pain after treatments, and in the long term, treatments have been very effective for my issues. She assesses the whole person, and offers holistic, knowledgeable and caring recommendations for herbs, diet, supplements, and lifestyle in addition to an acupuncture treatment plan. She also is respectful, nonjudgmental and not pushy, only offering advice as requested. I appreciate that she sees only one patient at a time. Bonus is that her new office is quiet, small, charming, cozy, comfy, easy to get to, with lots of off-street parking."                                                                                                                          -Lara

*"Working with Holly has been great - she's compassionate, understanding and has extensive background in the autoimmune issues I've faced over the last few years. She rarely just treats symptoms, but instead digs deeper to find something closer to the root cause of the issue, which helps even more. I have recommended her to a number of friends who also suffer from autoimmune issues."                                            --Kevin P.

*"I started getting acupuncture for relief from joint and back pain, headaches and an autoimmune condition. I almost always feel a wave of relief immediately after treatment and more sustained relief for days after. I feel like the effects are cumulative when I get treatments regularly. It's clear that Holly has a deep well of knowledge and experience that she brings to each treatment. She's a great listener, she doesn't judge and her warmth and compassion as a caregiver add to the healing properties of the treatments I receive from her."                                 -M.M.

*"I went to see Holly for E.D. and to cut down on smoking. Holly is very professional and I was very pleasantly surprised by how well the treatments work."                                                                                                                -Gary

*"As a busy Seattleite loving all the outdoors has to offer, I've had various foot, hand, neck, shoulder & back issues to deal with over the years. After trying all of the various conventional approaches, I decided to see what acupuncture was all about. I knew after my first visit that acupuncture would be my life long go to treatment! Holly is extremely gifted and really knows how to pinpoint a problem and give relief. Now, instead of just dealing with the pain, I'm proactive and head straight to Holly at Awakenings Acupuncture for help!!!"                                                       -Sue

*"I went to see Holly primarily for anxiety and digestive issues, also neck, back and jaw pain and migraines. Holly is calm, kind, knowledgable, experienced and fun; she listens with compassion and makes sure my experience is optimal. I was surprised that not only did the needles not hurt, I barely noticed them being inserted. With Holly, I feel 'heard' when I speak, cared for and safe on the table and I have seen real progress in my conditions."                                                                                   -Chelsea

*"My neck pain and stiffness was considerably better after just a few treatments, even though I did not expect to get immediate results. Holly is a dedicated and skilled healthcare professional. She genuinely cares about her patients and their well being."                                                                   -Tim

*"I've been seeing Holly for about a year. Initially, I went in for chronic knee pain treatment, she has helped me with numerous issues. The results I've received from her treatment have increased my enjoyment of my own life and body. Holly stands out to me from the other acupuncturists that I've seen with her empathetic and gracious manner. She established trust with me very easily and has held that trust carefully. I recommend her, if you've never had acupuncture before, because she does a lot of checking in during the pin insertion. I look forward to many more treatments with her."                                                         -Aubrey 

*"I have been working with Holly for years and it great to see her in this new and comfortable space. She is amazing with the needles. Holly has helped me with both chronic and acute health issues and I always feel much better after a session. My partner also sees Holly and has found relief from chronic migraines Go see Holly, you will not regret it."               -Kevin

*"Holly was very patient and kind working with me. Everything was clearly communicated. She is extremely knowledgeable. I hurt my back and was having trouble with pain and movement. I have a big fear of needles and she walked me through the whole process gaining my trust and making the experience handlable. For a first time experience I was amazed."                                                                                                                                   -Sarah

*"I went to see Holly for back and shoulder pain and depression. She addressed my areas of concern and applied treatment with positive results, I definitely felt relief! I especially like her thorough consultations and have already recommended Holly to a few friends."      -Miriam

* everyone is unique and results may vary from patient to patient.